Our Story




The Johari journey was birthed by three young black African Queens who originate from the Kingdom of Lesotho but now work and live in the Republic of South Africa. Our love for experimenting and sharing feel good products and experiences lead us onto the path of discovering many treasures.


We found our gold in The House of Johari.


Johari is a Swahili name which means: “Gem; Something of Value and Prized Possession,” which we came across in our search for an authentic African name with a strong meaning. It is because of this, that we named our offering after such an evocative word. We took a cue from one of the meanings of Johari to name our products after some of the most well-known gemstones.


The business was started with the primary objective of sharing love for self! At a certain stage, we knew that we had the right combination of goods to start our own product range and that is how the House of Johari was formed. We strongly felt that we had to give others the opportunity to experience these luxurious products that are simply harmonious to the bath and beauty industry.